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Mindset Check

My Friend Mesha

Do you feel that our world is challenging because of what happens inside of our minds? If so this is the podcast for you. It's probably safe to say that everyone on this planet needs a little help navigating through the space of our mindset. In this podcast, you will learn about both immediate cures for your mental state like how to shake off stress and how to bounce back from negative interactions and we will also go over deeper brain training - really cool stuff about how our conscious mind affects our subconscious mind, how to process our experiences, and how we can alter the automatic ways that our brain works by doing simple things that take very little effort. You can also expect to hear some very personal stories from Mesha about getting pregnant as a teen, losing her little girl at a young age, dealing with the loss of her dad, going through business hurdles, significant financial setbacks, and overcoming basic challenges that come with being married and raising a family in the world we are living in. We will dive in and talk about how your mindset in all areas of life, can change the way you go through it and how your mindset can ground you and help you be a support to the people around you. It will be an amazing look into all the things to help you find peace, power, healing, confidence, and support to help you go through the process and little things to lift you every single time you listen. Also each week you will get a bonus mini-episode that is short and designed only as a simple story to make you think or to provide encouragement. Over time you will understand that when you take time for a mindset check you have more power than you think you do! Be sure to connect with Mesha on Instagram @myfriendmesha or through email hello@myfriendmesha.com Subscribe to the Mindset Check podcast and please share it with someone you think will also love it!